Perfect Gifts for Under £30.00

1 Think Pink_resizeSummer should be a special time. Long days and holidays mean there is so much to enjoy! It is also a time when cash can be in short supply and birthdays are just as often as before.  You might also have a requirement for small thank you gifts for children’s stopovers, weekend house-parties and barbecues. Our range of gifts at under £30 each can help to lighten the cost, allowing you to choose an ideal present for everyone.

One popular gift that lasts longer than most is a houseplant.  This is ideal for a housewarming, or to say thank you. We have flowering plants, cacti and leafy plants.  Anywhere that you would like to leave a memento of your friendship, perhaps to congratulate someone on a new job , brighten a new home or say thanks for a kindness, a growing, living plant can express your feelings best.

3 Fairy Forest_resize

Cuddly toys are another popular favourite.  Sent in combination with chocolates or maybe with the addition of a balloon and you are bound to please. Whether you are giving to a lover, a child or a friend, it is always good to send a hug.

If chocolates seem too self-indulgent, then why not send a gift of biscuits, with Luxurious Treat Basket, or even a healthy fruit basket.

15 Lizzy in a Tizzy_resize

And don’t forget the flower gifts that are the core of our range. At under £30, it is still possible to send orchids!  Orient Express, Natalia, Lady Love and Orient all feature beautiful cymbidium flowers.  If you would like a larger bouquet then a bright bunch of lilies may be for you: either La Boheme in white or Pink Lilies could suit. Red roses can be used to send a conventional love message with Enchantress.

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