Paintings of Flowers from the Past are on Display at the Hunt Exhibit

Edward Donovan flower paintingThe flowers that were found in the botanical gardens of England are now a thing of the past. Edward Donovan painted watercolors of them which are a close second, and are being displayed at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.

Donovan among many things was a natural history collector. He published works about the birds, flowers, and insects of Britain, along with books about the insects in China and India.

The Hunt exhibit of his works is showing his paintings of rare exotic flowers which were painted from 1823 to 1830. These flowers were owned by the proprietors of enormous estates, who planted them in their personal gardens. Most of these flowers were given as gifts to these wealthy people by explorers.

These watercolor paintings are all hand signed by Donovan and have been well preserved giving them a realistic look; they do not look at all like they were painted almost 200 years ago.

Donovan’s paintings depict chrysanthemums, azaleas, and many hybrids that were completely new to the British at that time.

Only a portion of his paintings are exhibited at the show, as he painted an enormous amount, leaving quite a legacy behind him.

[Via: The Tartan]

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