Painting Flowers for a Living

Christopher RylandChristopher Ryland, a Sudbury artist, was told in his early years that he would be better off pickling shark meat than painting. Regardless, he went to the prestigious Goldsmith’s College, where his tutor tried to steer him down the path of conceptual art.

Christopher did not listen to his tutor once again, he was more drawn to the intricate colours of the world of watercolour. He paints what he likes best – flowers.

The Gainsborough Street resident said, “I have always loved painting – producing images on a flat surface using your perceptive and creative abilities to recreate what you see around you.”

A member of the Society of Botanical Artists, Christopher has been painting professionally since he left college.

He recalls the moment he became captivated by flowers, “I used to paint murals, very large scale, up scaffolding. But then in around 1980 my wife Pam and I went to stay with friends in Yorkshire. There was this incredible rosebay willow herb everywhere. I cut one, put it in a milk bottle and painted it, and it went from there.”

He is inspired by a variety of flowers: roses, tulips, foxgloves, hollyhocks – anything that grows. He said, “The sheer physical presence of them, it’s beyond beauty, and that gets me so strongly.”

[Via: Suffolk Free Press]

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