Our Brand New Olympics & Paralympics Themed Collection

It is an exciting time to be in and around London during the summer of sports, with the country celebrating the Olympics & Paralympics, the florists at flowers24hours.co.uk wanted to get involved in creating unique floral designs for this spectacular memorable event.

Our florists have designed a new range of gifts ready for the London Olympic & Paralympic Games 2012.

‘We have created the gifts to celebrate the studio’s place in being in the centre of this sporting extravaganza ‘says head florist Kalina Lokinska.


Featuring a variety of different designs, the floral arrangements have been carefully crafted with selected flowers and represent the spirit of the sports in this event.

From tennis to swimming and from gymnastics to football, the floral collections contain a huge variety of different flowers and colours that are not only unique, but each captures the excitement of being around London at this special time.

The gifts are for a limited time only and can all be ordered from home through our online shop, the easy hassle free shopping process mean that you can quickly order without taking time off from watching the games.

‘We are proud to offer unique gifts that are fitting to the Olympics, we are looking forward to the months ahead and have even implemented a new mapping delivery system so that transporting  gifts will be more efficient and will be delivered to your doorstep from the word ‘go‘. Says managing director Todd Z. Todic

If you would like some more information about these products then simply call our friendly team on 0207 738 4049.


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