Osmanthus Blooming a Bit Late in Shanghai

Autumn has arrived in Shanghai and so has the sweet smell of the osmanthus, even if it is a bit behind schedule. It is quite unusual that the pale yellow blooms of this flower have bloomed so late.


This is the latest that this flower has bloomed in 10 years, according to botanical experts. There is a positive side to this tardiness as the flowers will bloom for a longer period – about 20 days.

The Mid-Autumn festival is usually held around the 14th of September in Shanghai and unfortunately the flowers did not bloom in time for this event. The sweet osmanthus normally flowers from mid to late September, and those who live in Shanghai associate the scent of the flower with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Experts blame the warm September weather for the flowers’ delay. Osmanthus is quite sensitive to temperature and only blooms when it is below 20 degrees.

People should go out to the parks and green belts of the city as soon as they can says Wu Zhixing, an expert from the Shanghai Botanical Garden.

[Via: xinhuanet.com, Image from newsgd.com]

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