Orchids for Obama

Kathleen CoilsAmerica has a new president – Barack Obama. Kathleen Coils, an Urenui orchid grower, is a bit more excited than the rest, as her flowers are have been used in the ceremony. Just before President Obama’s inauguration, Mrs Coils was interviewed…

She said, “I hope I get to see what they are doing with them. I hope that they take photos while they are doing them so I can see how they are working with the flowers.”

Mrs Coils and her husband are the owners of Riverton Horticulture, and they are seeing off the final seven boxes of disa orchids for this special occasion.

Altogether, Mrs Coils has shipped off 15 boxes of orchids, or about 600 stems. “They started going about two weeks ago, we were sending as many as we can get when we have got them.”

This is a first for any inauguration, to have this many disa orchids on display at once.

[Via: Taranaki Daily News]

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