Summer Orchids in UK Gift Shops!

Orchids are rapidly growing in popularity and with their exotic look and the variety of different shapes and sizes that they come in it really isn’t a surprise. There are so many different Orchids that they have become an ideal plant or flower to send as gifts in the UK as there really is something to suit everyone. London florists Flowers24Hours has a wide selection of orchid bouquets and plants, many of which will qualify for the flower delivery shops same day UK delivery.
Orchids are very extravagant looking plants and as a result of this they can make for brilliant flowers to send as gifts in order to make a real impact on the recipient. They also look so elegant that it looks as though you have spent a lot more money than you actually have on these beautiful plants!
Some of these plants can last for years providing that they receive the correct care and live within the right conditions. The London florists Flowers24Hours have worked hard to ensure that the potted Orchids are arranged in unique and eye catching designs and by placing each plant within a simple container they have been able to draw extra attention to the beautiful flowers.
The Cymbidium Orchid Plant is an example of an orchid where the foliage surrounding the orchids is just as striking as the flowers themselves whereas it is definitely the flora on the Yellow Onicidium Orchid piece that take centre stage.
If you’re not really looking for a long lasting plant to care for but would still like to bring the striking look of an orchid into your home then perhaps one of the London flower shop’s bouquets could be the answer.
The Simply Orchids bouquet may be titled as being ‘simple’ but the deep purple flowers that contrast with the dark foliage that surrounds them make for an arrangement that just takes your breath away.
Perhaps the most unique orchid flower arrangement is the Orient piece; the minimal design of the architectural flowers will add an element of elegance and an Eastern feeling to any room.
If you’re looking to send flowers and gifts together then it would be worth looking at the Orchid and Moet Chandon package. The Orchid flower comes in a luxury wrapped box alongside the Moet and can make for an interesting twist to a traditional champagne gift.
Whatever your choice you can have same day delivery within London providing that you order before 4pm or if you’d prefer to have them delivered at a later date there is also the option to do so. Whichever delivery option you opt for (even if it is the international flower delivery service) you can rest assured that your exotic gift will definitely draw attention, will suit most occasions and will definitely be appreciated by the recipient if you’ve chosen to send the flowers as gifts.

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