Orchid Show in Montana

OrchidsThe state of Montana has about 30 species of the beautiful and exotic orchid; hikers can give themselves a visual treat just by going on a walk.

This Sunday the Great Divide Orchid Society is holding its annual show at Capital Hill Mall.

Jim Jensen of Kuna, Idaho, and also the presenter at the show, loves the colours of orchids and was drawn to them for this reason specifically. He says, “You’ll find more variations in colours than you do with any other native plants.”

Their spectrum of colour includes white, green, pink, salmon, purple, mahogany and yellow.

But they also have the unique feature of having a symbiotic relationship with fungi which they need in order to grow.

Orchid fan Katherine Weitz says, “Once you start on orchids, there’s no going back, every shelf and window space is covered. It’s too rewarding.”

[Via: helenair.com]

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