Orchid, Lily, Rose—Which Are You?

Have you ever wondered about the meanings in flowers? Or, more importantly, what someone really means by sending you a certain kind of flower? Now, not only does London florist Flowers24Hours bring the full flower shop to you, online, but we also delve into the meaning and intent behind such beautiful floral arrangements. Flower delivery in London and throughout the UK has never been so easy and fun!

One of the wonderful things about flowers is that they transcend language. We give each other flowers on birthdays and anniversaries, on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and for funerals and wishing people well, because sometimes words are not enough.

But it’s not just what flowers say to other people that makes us love them so much; it’s also what they say about ourselves. That’s a big part of the fun! It’s what makes it so exciting to receive a big, gorgeous bouquet or be surprised with a single, hand-delivered flower, elegant and beautiful on its own.

The hidden message in a flower comes through its colour, the shape and size of its blossom, its petals, and the deeper meaning and symbolism it carries. And, of course, when it comes to romance we can’t help but wonder what he or she is thinking when we get a large bouquet of ranunculus or lilies, lisianthus, orchids or freesias. The varieties are endless and it can be difficult to keep track. If only every flower were as clear in its meaning as a dozen red roses!

So, just in case you were curious, here’s what your bouquet and some most popular flowers say about you.

Orchids Delivered Online

Orchids have been prized across time and cultures, by Aztecs and Greeks, the Victorians and Chinese. But they consistently carry the connotation of motherhood—and imply the strong qualities of a mother: protective of those you love, healing, delicate and graceful. Your beauty is a refined one, elegant.


Lilies, especially white ones, typically imply an innocence and purity of character, of intention, and of friendship as well as love. However, there are so many different colours and shades of lilies for online deliveries—ranging from white and yellow to variants of orange, purple and shocking pink—that the flower can signify what’s delicate and subtle, or bold and flirtatious. In all cases, it is certainly a sensuous flower.


The name “Chrysanthemum” comes from the Greek for gold and flower. It has been a favorite amongst poets and as a gift for mothers. Though, interestingly, in certain parts of Asia it connotes death and is reserved as a flower for funerals. The blossoming chrysanthemum is a colourful eruption of many small, delicate rows of petals, like layers. Similarly, this flower implies multiple and complex layers to your personality. However, you can be quite straightforward and highly value honesty.


Daffodils, also known as narcissus or asphodels, were quite popular amongst ancient Greeks. Wordsworth was also a big fan. Varieties can be white and yellow and deep orange. Hardy and beautiful, these flower are about spring and renewal. Naturally, they suggest faith, hope and resilience.

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