Orange Cosmos a Delightful Annual

Orange CosmosIf you are looking for a flower that handles neglect well then the Orange Cosmos is the best option for you.

This annual is a native of Mexico and the Southwest and is extremely easy to grow. In some places this hardiness is not so much appreciated as it is seen as an intruder, but in cooler climates it is an excellent option.

The Orange Cosmos is resistant to drought but if it is watered continuously then it will produce more flowers. The flower is very much like a daisy, differing in its orangey colour. This flower usually has a strong stem which makes it ideal for cutting.

The height of the plant goes from 24 to 36 inches, and it is important not to use too much fertilizer as that will reduce the number of blooms produced and you will get only foliage. The leaves of this flower can be cooked and eaten. Sunny well drained soil is their favourite place to grow.


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