Onions and Flowers – a Beautiful Combination

Many people would not consider onions as the solution to bringing beauty into their homes during the winter months, but it is time to get to know the flowers of your onions.

Onions and Flowers - a Beautiful Combination

The common brown onion is related to the allium, which has beautiful blooms to offer. The flower of this onion type is the perfect match for a modern home — it has a long stem and spherical flower.

This flower used to be a preferred in garden border, but it has gained popularity at florists because it has a long life and a unique elegance. There is one drawback – this flower does give off a bit of an onion smell but if the vase is kept clean and water changed regularly then this problem can be cut back.

There are two varieties that are extremely popular, the allium giganteum, which grows to a height of 4ft and comes in a range of purples, blues and white; and the allium sphaerocephalon which is a smaller variety that comes in purple and it has an oval-shaped head. To get more impact from this flower you should try putting a group of vases together.

[Via: SundayMail.co.uk]

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