One Flower you Should not go See

One Flower you Should not go SeeSpring has arrived and most of us have barely awaited the chance to smell the flowers. There are two very special flowers about to bloom at Kew Gardens. They have long attracted tourists with their size and strange appearance.

But it is about time for them to bloom, and instead of inviting visitors to see the flowers, they are being advised to stay away. The Titan Arum flower will be releasing a smell that is everything but that of roses. When it blooms the flowers release a smell that is more like that of rotting flesh than roses. You could always flowernap one and take into the office, should you need a timely break from work.

The problem has escalated this year as the two plants are expected to bloom at the same time.

It is better to describe the plant than to recommend seeing it. The stem is surrounded by a ring of cream flowers, which sit on a larger ring of pink flowers. The plant heat up when the flowers are ready to release their pollen, this lasts for about three days. The scent or smell is meant to attract flesh-eating beetles, while other insects are attracted to the more colourful flowers at the base…

[Via: China Daily]

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