Office Flowers Win First Prize at Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is officially closed, but there is no denial that the organizers managed to transport their visitors into the beautiful city of Rome and the foothills of Tuscany.

Office Flowers Win First Prize at Flower Show

There were many marvels to see at the show like one particular set of African violets, that were raised by the workers of a Gaither Drive leasing firm, and not a some expert green-thumb.

All were surprised when these flowers grown at the workplace of office desks became the winners.

The supervisor of the winning team and first-time exhibitors said, “We never thought we could go up against anyone at the show. They have garden clubs there!”

These plants began making their way to the top about three years ago, and these African violets were given to the workers as gifts.

Carol Hazell Davis, one of the member of the team says, “This is just a regular office, but the flowers seem to love the light. They don’t like every desk though. And one of them likes to be in the bathroom.”

With the loving care of the workers the flowers began to thrive and really started to look like something. Davis slowly began to see their potential, “I thought they looked so god they could be in the flower show. I thought, let’s enter them!”

Only four of the seven plants made it to the show as a few of them did not meet the show’s standards, but those that made it certainly made the impact that Davis imagined.


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