Office Flower Decorations

Does your office need brightening up? Does your team need a boost in morale while they’re at work? If so, why not invest in some, office flowers and plants?

It’s been revealed office plants and flowers improve mood and creativity, and helps lower stress and anxiety. As well as these amazing fantastic benefits for your employees, they also make a delightful addition to the front desk for your clients and visitors.

As Kayla Mossuto, Founder of social enterprise Crema Joe explains: “For our business, plants are not just decorative items. We believe (and research shows) that there are real benefits to adding them to our work spaces.

“Evidence suggests that there is a 10-15% boost in staff productivity due to the presence of plants, and we certainly find that in general, they can help to soothe the basic human instincts, creating a more relaxed environment, and allowing our team to engage in more creative thinking.

“In addition to this, the presence of plants is said to assist in reducing stress. They also improve the air quality of a workplace (absorbing pollutants, bacteria, dust, etc.). Both of which result in improvements to the overall health of employees, leading to higher productivity levels – everybody wins!”

Parveen Dhaliwal from Inspiring Landscape Solutions adds: “There are a number of roles for plants in the workplace, such as brightening up a sterile work environment and putting employees back in touch with nature, especially if they are prone to working long hours. They also improve mood and productivity by creating a relaxing breathing space and creating a social hub for employees to gather. It also lowers the rate of absenteeism – if employees like to come to work, it “costs” the business less.”

What plants should I choose for my office?

There are a number of plants and flowers that are particularly effective at improving the air quality in homes and offices. Shaun Zen, Manager at My Sweet Yard, says: “With heavy traffic and lots of furniture, the air quality in offices is indisposed. And the electronic equipment, such as computers, printers etc are releasing formaldehyde and radiation that are potentially bad for our health. Fortunately, plants do great in absorbing dust, formaldehyde, reducing noise, preventing radiation and beating the heat in office.”

He outlines some of the best ones for the job below:


“Aloe possesses extremely high formaldehyde removal capacity and it can also help to lower carbon monoxide levels. It is among the most powerful plant air purifiers in the world.”

Spider plant

“The spider plant gets an enormous capacity in absorbing carbon monoxide. It can also help to battle benzene, formaldehyde and xylene.”

Scindapsus aureus (Bunting)

“Bunting is one the easiest houseplants to care for and it can greatly beautify the environment and purify the air. Moreover, it is great for anti-radiation, and is outstanding in suppressing the xylene and toluene that is released by computer monitors and printers.”

Ball cactus

“Although ball cactus is covered with sharp thorns, its has a thick body and contains plenty of moisture. This makes it exceptional in absorbing and resolving the electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding environment. Setting a pot of ball cactus next to a computer or printer will make your working hours much more easier.”

Water hyacinth

“Water hyacinth is a hydroponic plant. Planted it in a container, it will help to regulate the humidity of the air in the office. Its flowers are quite visually pleasing and can brisk charms to the humdrum workplace.”

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