Adorable New Flower Display: Sneakily Tucked Away Flower Species Uncovered Tucked Behind Motorway

The tiny and delicate light pink blossoms were discovered in Waterview, New Zealand, prettily popping up and poking out from among the greenery and foliage that surrounds and covers Oakley Creek. The area also happens to be the site of a new study that is investigating the environmental impact of a recently constructed Auckland motorway.

The tunnelling project cost an approximate $1.4 billion (each of the twin three-lane tunnels is 2.4 km in length, twice as long as the harbour bridge in Auckland) and as of early July there had been over sixty thousand people eager to march, walk, and bike their way through the tunnel.

Now the tunnel is finally opened for use, after five years of construction and some delays. The Waterview Connection project, conducted alongside the area traversed by the new tunnel, came upon the new species of flower while aiming to preserve and practice conversation of Oakley Creek.

The project led by a group of botanists has yet to be completed. Part of their work entailed reintroducing native outdoor plants and regional flower species into the area along the banks of the waterway. The unexpected fresh flowers display was a pleasant surprise for the botanists who were working on the team.

One of the on-site flower experts, an ecologist contributing to the project, commented that the new flower could have potentially drifted over from Australia. She also ceded to the possibility that the flower could be native to New Zealand, one of only a handful of geranium flower species that grow naturally on the islands.

Regardless, this geranium that has been previously tucked away and hidden from view, is a well-kept secret no longer, but rather something that other people, nature lovers, flower enthusiasts, tourists, hikers and visiting botanists, will now be able to enjoy and appreciate, taking in and snapping photos of these very special geraniums as they please.

Actually, the common name for geraniums is the “cranesbill,” after the shape of the flower arrangement in some subspecies that appears like the bill of a crane. This beaky part (or “column,” as it is called) is actually an unsprung seed pod, which when prodded or naturally ripened, will burst and spring open, letting fly to the wind all those little geranium seeds.   

An exciting feature of this new and scarce display of flowers is that these geraniums in particular have the tiny fuzzy hairs along their leaves and stems lying flat, as opposed to upright. Exciting, indeed!

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