New Flowers That May Become Lifetime Favorites

New FlowersSometimes it is difficult to define exactly which flowers are new and which aren’t. A lot of flowers that are advertised as being “new” have actually been in existence for a long time. Though, they may have been very rare and extremely expensive. Very frequently, they are just given different names and put out on the market again. This year many of those tempting flowers are out in stores and easy to get to.

The first and most exciting flower is the Pink Octopus, being a very beautiful, candy-pink, swirling petals.

The Pashmir is not a hybrid, but was found in India. It is appearing in the United States for the first time; it has very eye-catching bright blue petals and is extremely sturdy.

Scabiosas are perennials that grow for quite a long time. Their blooms resemble pincushions. They are a popular choice for cut flowers and bouquets; they require quite a bit of water, but give unending blooms in return.

The first among cone shaped flowers is the Coconut Lime. It is a small, tough plant with ruffled double flowers, which have a pale green coloring. This flower is especially pleasant as it attracts butterflies.

The most interesting flower is the Ultra Violet. This is a naturally bred hybrid and it’s the hummingbirds that are responsible for breeding this flower, by transporting pollen from one flower to the other to create a new plant. It blooms until there is frost, with pinkish violet flowers.

[Via: The Seattle Times]

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