Mums are Loved by All

Cushion chrysanthemums or mums are already filling the stores this season. Red, yellow, and orange flowers are flooding the shelves of stores, to ensure that you have a flood of colour in your garden for fall.

Mums are Loved by AllPrices are extremely low as well, with a large pot of mums going for as little as 11 dollars. This is an extremely low price considering all the hard work that is needed to grow these flowers.

But prices set aside most savvy gardeners know that this is the flower to be jumping on, not just for its range of colours but because of the beauty and endurance of this flower which cannot be surpassed.

This is basically a win-win situation — gardeners get the flower they rely on every year to bring them lasting colour into fall and growers are happy to produce the flowers when they know that it will bring them business.

This year the trend for planting flowers in containers has become so widespread that many mums come in hand-painted corrugated metal-looking pots, ready to be placed in the most beautiful spot on your patio.


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