Mother’s Day Flower Guide: The Language of Flowers

The language of flowers, called floriology, is an old-fashioned way of saying what you mean through floral arrangements that was popularised during the Victorian era. Given its impactful nature, today we can use it to send messages of love and devotion, with floriology being especially potent when Mother’s Day rolls around. When it comes to selecting flowers for your mum, be sure to take a close look at any flowers you pick out and research their meaning first. This is because all flowers carry independent definitions, and after all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally send the wrong message come Mother’s Day. Helping you out when it comes to finding the right flowers for Mother’s Day, here’s a quick guide to some lovely flowers that carry equally lovely meanings.

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Azaleas mean take care. By adding beautiful azaleas to your bouquet, you can express that you want your mother to be taking care of herself, while also showing that you care for her well being. Pink carnations represent a mother’s love, and are a popular addition to Mother’s Day bouquets, thanks to Anna Jarvis (the founder of Mother’s Day) spreading them to mothers within her congregation. Cherry blossoms are an interesting addition, as they represent education, so by adding them to a Mother’s Day bouquet, you’re thanking her for everything she’s taught you. The gentle, fragrant blossoms are a welcome sight for sore eyes too. Dahlias mean elegance and dignity, so add them to your bouquet to show your mother that you think she’s a graceful woman. Lavender means devotion, so adding it to your bouquet can express that you’ll always stand by her side, just as she has stood by yours. Mom’s are always in your corner, so show that you’re always in hers. Last but not least, the lily is a classic symbol of motherhood; add it to your bouquet to really tie the flower arrangement together.

There are many other flower choices available to you as well, in the form of bouquets. Carnations are the most traditional, and a bouquet of pink and red carnations can represent gratitude, love, and admiration. A bouquet of white carnations is in remembrance of a mother who has passed away. Roses of different colours can mean different things – yellow roses mean devotion, while white roses signify purity. In a medium pink, roses can mean grace, while dark pink can mean gratitude. The variety of colours in tulips can be used to really brighten your mother’s day, and typically, all tulips mean love. Pink tulips represent caring, while yellow tulips bring cheerful thoughts.

There are so many different combinations of flowers that sometimes we forget that they have their own language. Did you know that there are specific flowers that represent mothers and love? Include these in your bouquet to really make your message special and give it added oomph.
Are you looking to give your mom flowers this Mother’s Day? Then keep in mind all them above and you will surely create a once in a lifetime arrangement that is perfect for the occasion.

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