Most popular plant – 2nd year running!


According to the Flowers and Plants Association, the phalaenopsis orchid has found its way into the hearts of the British as it has been the favourite plant in the nation for the second year in a row.

Thirty years ago, the spider plant was a hit, twenty years ago the parlour palm was a favourite and the chrysanthemum held first place in the previous decade. Now, a majority of homes in the UK decorate their window sills with this popular plant.

This flower is more commonly known as the moth orchid, supermarkets and high street stores are reflecting this trend showing a considerable increase in sales.

The reason for the increase is because of changes in growing techniques and breeding, which mean commercially grown phalaenopsis have not been difficult to grow in the UK, and so in turn are now less expensive to buy and more readily available in retailers. Previously orchids were only available through more specialist suppliers or retailers, but they are now far more available,“ said the spokeswoman for FPA, Sarah Holland.

This flower first made its way to the British Isles about 300 years ago, among the cargo of church missionaries and explorers. Collectors and the rich were the first to own and care for this plant. South America, the West Indies and Japan are the natural habitat of this flower, where they grow in trees.

Whether or not you are keen to follow trends, this is a beautiful flower but it is meant for the patient caretaker only as it does require special attention.

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