Miniature Luxuries

At this time of year we are all yearning for a little time for ourselves, yet the workload and responsibilities just seem to be piling up. Summer vacations so far in the future, that there is no worth mentioning them.

This does not mean we have to simply hunker down and accept the gloomier side of things! There are other ways to find yourself in the lap of luxury, and it only takes few simple treats around the home.

First of all, candles are an excellent way to convey warmth and cheer. They are luxurious yet one of the simplest of gestures. A romantic gift set including candles, is sure to find its place in any home. Sweet Thoughts is an ideal gift including candles, chocolates, a teddy bear and a beautiful rose.

Bring some life into the home by getting some houseplants. That little dash of green can really change the way a room looks. Luxury implies little work, so if you are getting a plant for someone else, try to choose something that requires little work. A flowering rose plant is the ideal plant as it is fairly tough, and requires minimal care, try the Rose Delight.

One lasting gift, that rarely comes to mind, is scented hand soap. Though it seems like a simple gift, every time you wash you hands, you will get the miniature treat of a beautiful fragrance. The Bath Time gift set will extend this gift to every aspect of the bathroom. The vanilla and almond soaps included in this set are sure to be a treat for the senses!


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