Mesilla Valley Under a Blanket of Yellow Flowers

The Organ Mountains at Las Cruces have taken on an unexpected yellow hue. The wildflowers of autumn are blooming.

The weather has been optimal for these flowers so there are far more abundant than usual, according to Jeff Anderson, horticultural extension agent for Dona Ana County.

Yellow Flowers

“We had the right conditions – the summer rains – that brought out the fall-blooming wildflowers.”

Anderson said “yellow composites” can be seen almost everywhere with sunflowers species included. Smaller individual flowers make up the head in a composite.

Anderson says spring-blooming flowers are a staple of the Arizona desert as the rain falls at the right time. However, in the mountains the rain tends to fall in the summer and that is why autumn wildflowers tend to be in greater numbers.

Of course, some are ecstatic about the beautiful display while others are waiting for the blooming season to pass as there is a lot more pollen in the air.

[Via: Las Cruces Sun-News]

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