Merry Christmas

christmas-bouquetMy goodness what a busy month December has been and it not even over yet!  Bringing all of the elements together just at the right time is much more involved than the layperson imagines.  Everyone wants something that little bit special for Christmas so extra effort is required all round.

Offices want to have a festive theme in December so a little bit of decoration has to be added to their flower vases.  A lot of offices want Christmas trees we have supplied a lot of them this year.  Of course they do not want just plain trees so someone from Flowers24hours had to do it!  That takes time not just in the putting up of the decorations but in the preparation needed beforehand.  Just think of the amount of time spent in checking to see what decorations needed to be ordered and were available for the day they were to be put up.

Fortunately choosing decorations is stimulating and allows the florists to step outside of their usual ways of working so is an enjoyable variation from their normal patterns. Being a company which deals in gifts and hampers there is a rise in demand at this time of year.

christmas-giftsThere is also a need to amend the hampers to make them more seasonal. With eye to luxury treats there is an extra buzz in putting them together.  With family and friends being more scattered these days sending these gifts is one way people have of showing that distance does not mean their importance to each other has diminished.

Even the humble web pages have to be amended to reflect the festive season. All of this requires effort from the members of staff who have to bring all of these elements together and finally to deliver them to customers at just the right time.  This does happen just by itself.  People who may not have worked for the company since the previous Christmas turn up and help out to ensure all goes well.  This creates a special atmosphere just not present at other times of year. Still, after all of this effort, staff are looking forward to a short break to be with their families and to recover from all of the extra effort of the previous few weeks.
IMG_3856_resizeAlthough not closing down for the whole week it will be a quiet period until after the New Year so everyone will be able to recover just in time to prepare for that other special episode in any florist’s calendar, Valentine’s Day!  Although not so long it is even more intense and nothing can be left to chance, everything has to be ready for the big one!

Merry Christmas from all the team at

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