Top 5 May Flower Bouquets—Spring Flowers For All Occasions

If you have a special occasion coming up, be it a birthday, a baby shower or an anniversary—maybe even a wedding or bridal shower—then you’ll want to give a special flowers gift. It should be one that stands out from other floral arrangements and under ideal circumstances uses seasonal flowers. Fortunately, many spring flowers are available for you to choose from. Here are our top 5 favourite flower bouquets in May, perfect for any occasion:

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Calla Lilies

Their one petal is like an elongated cup, rounded and in the shape of a heart, or also somewhat reminiscent of an out-turned and upward facing hand. These flowers are elegant and pretty, proper and pronounced in all the right ways; it is no stretch of the imagination to see why we are so in love with calla lilies this spring.

Sanctity, ever-lasting faith and pure intentions are the connotations and meaning behind the calla lily. Blossoming in spring, they are also suggestive of birth and youth. With these flower meanings in mind, calla lilies make both beautiful contemporary wedding flower arrangements, tall and striking, or a simple vase arrangement that can be a warm, sweet baby shower gift.


‘Gorgeous, joyous blossoms’ is an apt description for this most cherished and darling of flowers. Even before opening up, peony bulbs are big and beautiful, resembling scoops of ice cream.

Indeed, peonies are a sweet treat and brides love them. Pair peonies with light green foliage, in colours plum, lavender, pink, cream and white.


Camellias are sweet blossoms that thrive in the shade, growing on large shrubs or small trees amid deep green foliage. The camellias’ sheer, soft petals form a maze, folding in on itself many times, and look like little pom-poms made of gift wrapping paper. In full bloom, like a fractal, or a piece of origami, they are a sight to behold.

Pink, white and red varieties of camellias make beautiful fishbowl flower arrangements, or come in simple square glass vases.


Hyacinths are bulbs that sprout upward, growing in vertical towers, almost like a sage brush. Their five-pointed petals flare outward, in tiny explosions, or like many miniature starfish. In fact, the vibrant colours of hyacinths are like the many shades and sometimes bright silvery hues of a coral reef: magenta, pink, purple, blue and white.

Hyacinths are a sweet flowers gift for your partner. In Ancient Greek mythology, the Greek god Apollo is said to have grown the first hyacinths from the blood of Hyakinthos, and so these flowers symbolise sincerity and faithfulness.


Feathery clusters of tiny petals bunched together in round globes of colour and texture, hydrangeas are a popular choice for wedding flowers and as flowers for events. Suggestive of balloons, pom-poms, and joyous by their very nature, what other flower could be better for celebrations?  
Hydrangeas range from pink to blue, with lavender and light pink pastel tones in between. Give hydrangea flowers on anniversaries, baby showers, and use them to decorate outdoor venues, for garden parties and other evening receptions.

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