The Many Colours of a Rose—What They Mean and When to Send

London florist Flowers24Hours takes a close look at the flower market London, specifically one of its most popular flowers for delivery: roses.

Flower delivery service and fine florist Flowers24Hours likes to keep an eye on the flower market London and UK flowers delivery, but of course we also have to focus on the smaller things as well, like the flowers themselves; and in particular, roses. When it comes to flowers as gifts, it is hard to top the rose. Whether it is UK flowers delivery or international flowers delivery, red rose bouquets are some of the most popular cut flowers, grown by many a luxury florist London and otherwise. Birthday flowers delivery, flowers as gifts on anniversaries, flower delivery between friends—it doesn’t matter what the occasion, there is always a right type of rose. But which do you choose?

Online flower delivery means amazing variety when you send flowers. It also opens up the ease and convenience of international flowers delivery and same day flowers. Such a profusion of service and (friendly) flower competition has flower shops offering degrees of flowers free delivery and even flowers free delivery UK. Meanwhile florist Flowers24Hours has options for cheap same day flower delivery. But whether it is UK flower delivery or elsewhere, such as London flower delivery, distance doesn’t matter—any flowers gift is special. Of course, the downside of online flowers is that it can be hard to choose, especially since gift flowers can carry a number of different meanings, and as any UK florist will say, some flower arrangements and kinds of flower delivery are more or less appropriate for a given occasion.

Order flowers London or elsewhere, and it is important to make your flowers gift simply perfect. So, Flowers24Hours decided to delve into some of the different meanings of a rose—though they would smell just as sweet by any other name, switch the colour and the meaning will change!

Red roses, beauty and unsurpassed perfection

Send flowers that include red roses, whether it’s flowers in the UK or pretty much anywhere in the world, and you’re really making a statement. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries are popular occasions for these flowers as gifts. But isn’t any day the right time to say, “I love you”?

White Rose, reflection and compassion

Florists in London cultivate white roses which symbolize another kind of love, not so simmering or passion as the red rose, but one just as beautiful. White is a color of purity and reflection, apt for beginnings, like marriage, or times of remembrance. A flowers gift can be between lovers or lifelong friends.

Yellow and Pink Roses, cheerful, warm and versatile

Flower delivery is a treat, and everyone knows roses are special; the friendly, cheerful flair of the yellow rose, or the delightfully sweet pink rose, combines the two and makes a great flowers gift for anyone. A bouquet of yellow roses, or small flowerpot or fishbowl of pink blossoms, is a bright gift to bring into someone’s home or a kind gesture of appreciation at the office.

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