Making Wedding Cakes Bloom

Making Wedding Cakes BloomRosalind Chan has always had a passion for dabbling with cream, butter, sugar and flower. She used to have a job in administration but gave it up to work on her favourite pastime – cake decoration.

“I love beautifying cakes… it gives me a certain satisfaction.”

“I know many professionals who give up their jobs and pick up this skill because it is very fulfilling and rewarding to be doing something you’re interested in,” says Chan. She is currently the CEO of the International Center of Cake Artistry Sdn Bhd (ICCA).

She is especially well known for the sugar flowers that she makes for wedding cakes. Along with her present job, she travels around the United States and Asia teaching others her special methods.

The process of preparing a cake for a wedding is quite complicated. It takes many steps just to design the sugar flowers. They need to be made petal by petal. Sugar paste is rolled out and the shapes of the petals are cut. Then the veins are made, after which the colour and wires are added.

Afterwards, the petals need to be assembled and dusted with edible colour, and special attention needs to be paid so that they look realistic. One simple rose leaf is made up of at least three colours. In fact, the dusting of the flower is what takes the most skill and attention to detail.

[Via: TheStar Online]

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