Making Valentine’s Last Longer

Making Valentines Last LongerOnce the romantic dinner is over, and the candles have been snuffed out and kisses cooled off, all we are left with is a bouquet of flowers from our Valentine’s night. This is most often the only memory that is left to linger.

Flowers are one of the best Valentine’s gifts for a reason. Usually February the 14th is a brutally cold day of winter and flowers are a lovely reminder of warmer and happier days. It is worth taking care of them as they help us hold on to the sweeter side of life.

Cut flowers are the most popular way to give flowers on Valentine’s, and it only takes a little basic maintenace to help them last, no matter what kind of flower we’re talking about.

After taking your flowers home, cut one-quarter to one-half inch off the stem. Make sure to hang on to the little packets that come with the bouquet — they really do help prevent bacterial infections. Adding a few drops of bleach to the water is also a good way to keep bacteria at bay. Keeping the flowers cool by keeping them near a shaded window is also a good way to keep things fresh.

Following these simple steps will keep the warmth of Valentine’s in your heart even after the day has passed.


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