Making Money With Dried Flowers

Making Money With Dried FlowesIf you like doing crafts and want to find a way to make a few extra bucks, drying flowers might be a good option for you.

Many craft stores will buy dried flowers, but if not then you can sell them to gift shops. It is also possible to sell them at your local market.

Nearly any flower can be dried. The amount of time needed to dry varies between flowers, so start experimenting only with similar types.

When you have picked the flowers you want to dry, tie them together just tightly enough to keep them together, but not too tight as to allow for the air to flow between the stems.

Afterwards the flowers should be hung upside down in a dark and cool area — the cellar or the attic is probably the best solution, whichever is less humid. It is also important to hang them in a place that will not be disturbed. It takes about 4 weeks for most flowers to dry properly, but this can all vary depending on the conditions…


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