Making Hydrangeas Last Longer

Making Hydrangeas Last LongerHydrangeas are at their blooming peak at this time of year, there are many types from tiny to large with mop-like heads, but they have their beauty in common.

Drying any flower is the best way to hang on the first blooms of summer. It is best to start off by placing your fresh cut hydrangeas in vases, and to dry them once they start fading.

When you are ready to start drying them the first step to take is to cut the flowers. The leaves need to be removed and the blooms hung upside down. You should pick a spot that is dry and where there isn’t any kind of wind or draught, the storage shed might be the ideal place.

One thing you will find is that the colour of the flowers fades with drying, but you can either add colour afterwards, or pick one of the newer kinds of hydrangea, which have a stronger colour. If you colour the flowers on your own it is important to be careful and to pay attention to details, otherwise your flowers could end up looking rather tacky.


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