Making Flowers out of Paper is a Great Way to Recycle

paper flowersThere is a new way to make your trash into treasure. By making your gift wrap out of recycled materials you save the planted and you save money. Some gift wrappers ask for as much as $10 for designer gift wrapping for only a tiny gift. However, if you use a bit of creativity you could spend only a few cents on beautiful gift wrap, bags, boxes, and bows made of paper flowers.

Paper flowers make gift wrapping much easier as they completely change the look of your gift, even the plainest gift wrapping is given a boost if you make some paper flowers.

You just have to think outside the box, by using materials you can find around the house. For example a small jewelry box with a department store logo on it can be covered with a scrap of decorative paper, leaves made of silk, and flower made of paper.

There is a huge variety of materials out of which you can make paper flowers — grocery bags, can be crinkled and layered to make a flower. Plastic wrap can make the flowers look shinier; you can even tear out paper from magazines to give your flower more color.

These flower bows are very simple to make, and they give style and flair to any present, now and all you need is a gift to wrap!


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