Making Bulbs More Natural

Making Bulbs More NaturalFor years gardeners who plant bulbs have really stuck to the saying “strength in numbers.” Planing masses of bulbs together to create an impact of colour at the end of winter and early spring.

But plant and flower design has started to evolve and one Dutch landscape architect has decided to create less of an impact and to give his bulbs a bit of space.

Coming up with new combinations of tone of and colour Jacqueline van der Kloet has been choosing her bulbs carefully and planting them between a scattering of perennials.

Sally Ferguson, spokeswoman for the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center says, “Jacqueline’s idea of liberating tulips and other bulbs from drifts is radical. Perennials become the bones. The underlying tulips, daffodils and other flesh out the early growth with their subtle colours.”

She is not the only one who has caught onto this idea, many landscapers have been using bulbs in a more natural way. Most bulbs originate from Asia, where they grow in solitude in mountainous areas, and this trend in gardening is really bringing them back to nature.


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