Making Beauty out of Concrete

Making Beauty out of ConcreteIn Brooklyn, the most common sight is warehouses sprawling over cracked cement, there is much left to be desired in this type of barren landscape.

Kirstin Tobiasson, 39, decided to make a bit of change, and seven years ago she started to plant a garden, while living at a studio in one of the warehouses.

She began planting without having a clue about how to grow a garden, only with a need to bring beauty to that area, where BTW is not unusual to see crack needles scattered along the sidewalk.

She decided to use annuals, that would grow fast and would not be much of a temptation to passers-by, who could make a buck or two out selling lilies or roses. She had no help, no manual and yet she succeeded in working with the space she was given, which is one of the most important aspects of gardening…

[Via: The New York Times]

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