Longer Grass More Flowers

Longer Grass More FlowersAs a part of the plan to reduce costs in Worcester, a decision was made to stop moving the grass. Though most would see this as a horrible decision, it has had some positive results.

The cutting of grass has not been stopped altogether, it has just been reduced, and the result of this is that roadsides are blooming with wildflowers.

Loads of spring flowers are blooming all over the city and ecologist Phil Williams says he has seen the common spotted orchid growing on one verge.

Warwick Neale, council park officer says, “On a local scale letting the grass grow from March to June has given the opportunity for spring flowers to bloom. We have spotted ragged robin, campion, common buttercup, creeping buttercup, ox-eyed daisy, orange hawkbit, bird’s foot trefoil, cow parsley and the cuckoo flower which have grown from seed left dormant in the soil.”

Though some residents have complained about the long grass and possible dog mess, other residents like Mr Williams, who was involved in ecological surveys of the past, are pleased.

“In previous years, with the grass being regularly mown, there hasn’t been an opportunity for them to flower.” Mr Williams went on to say that some orchids can take up to 15 years to flower.

[Via: berrowsjournal.co.uk]

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