Fabulous Freesias for Same Day London and Next Day UK Deliveries!

Freesias are a member of the Iris family and are among the most popular modern cut flowers. Freesias were named after Fredrich Freese – a 19th century German physician studying plants in South Africa.

There are around fourteen species, all of which originate from Africa. One particular specie of freesia, the Freesia Alba, became a big hit in 1878 when it was introduced into cultivation, and judging from the selection of the bouquets from flowers24hours.co.uk, the freesia is still causing a sensation. Their delicate blooms, thin stems and sweet fragrance make them a much sought out choice for weddings and special occasions in any season.

Freesia flowers normally bloom for up to seven days, but their vase life can be between ten to fourteen days. They can also make fantastic houseplants as their bright colours and strong scent will liven up any room.

They come in a wide range of colours such as: white, red, purple, pink and yellow and although the white freesias are known to be the most highly scented variety; it’s actually the red and pink versions that are the most fragrant. Freesias, like other flowers are symbolic and are said to represent innocence and friendship. This is probably why they make the perfect companion to any floral arrangement…

If you are looking for a wedding bouquet, then you can do no wrong with the Roses & Pearls bouquet. White freesias sit comfortably with pastel coloured roses surrounded by white feathers and decorated with natural pearls. A reason to be excited about this bouquet is that apart from being luxuriously elegant, the pearls can be kept as jewellery. A perfect reminder of the special day.

Did you know freesia makes a perfect gift for an anniversary? Especially for the seventh wedding anniversary. According to tradition, the seventh year of marriage provokes the feeling of restlessness and freesia is said to provide a calming effect or ‘antidote’ to such feelings. Whether or not you want to abide by tradition, the Sweet Roses and Freesias bouquet make the ideal gift for any anniversary and there are two options. If you want something elegant as well as colourful, the purple freesias with different shades of pink roses will do the trick. If you want something exceedingly romantic, the white freesias with red and pink roses would be perfect.

The Fleur bouquet would make the ideal gift for any occasion – especially for a relative or friend. Our sweet-smelling freesias are arranged with other scented flowers and come in a country style jug. If you want to make this gift even more fabulous, you can choose a great gift to go with it.

If you’ve forgotten to buy a present for someone or you feel you’ve left it too late to purchase the perfect bouquet, fear not! You can have it delivered the very next day anywhere in the UK or on the same day in London. Spread the love with one of our freesia-filled bouquets!

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