Legendary Cereus Flower Blooms More Than Once

The night-blooming cereus is the stuff of legends. According to many tales, it is a flower that blooms only once a year for one night. However, Joan Rothney of Sherborn the owner of a 20-year-old plant was able to prove this legend wrong.

Legendary Cereus Flower Blooms More Than Once

This plant is an unusual member of the cactus family and unusual among similar plants. Rothney thought that the flower was done for the year when it produced twelve of its beautiful fragrant flowers. Of course, the next morning the petals of the plant were wilting away.

Rothney was truly surprised when she found another bulb growing on her plant. She was amazed to find the next night that one single flower had bloomed.

It could be Rothney’s great love of flowers that helped this one along. When she moved back to her home town, she began taking care of the town’s greenhouse. She found that there was too much sunlight reaching the flowers and requested special blinds for the facility.

Rothney said that she could see an instant improvement in the plants as soon as the shades were installed. Now her community is endowed with beautiful happy flowers and a true rarity.

[Via: Hometown Weekly]

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