Late Summer Flowers

Late Summer FlowersMid august has arrived and many are wondering which flowers are growing in the garden. There is a world of flowers to choose from, perennials and annuals alike. Here are just some of the flowers that can be found at this time of year.

  • The Black eyed Susan is a common favourite, and now they can be found in different varieties than the usual yellow daisy with a black center. You can now find ones with coloured petals, and green or yellow centers, and there are variety of sizes to choose from, as well.
  • Meadowsweet is a wildflower that is currently in bloom, but it has also been cultivated to produce different colours and sizes of flowers.
  • Hydrangeas are popping up in gardens, too. The blue variety is at its peak and is quite a traditional flower that has been neglected in many gardens — but it is seeing a comeback.
  • Goldenrod is also a wildflower that grows amply on it’s own, and there are cultivated varieties which are a bit smaller than the wild kind, but grow better.
  • Asters are just starting to grow, and they are great choice for any flower arrangement because of their light and very delicate nature.

Finally, it’s worth point out that there is no need to feel at a loss for flower choices as there is a world of them out there starting to bloom.


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