Find Your Last Minute Holiday Gifts: Christmas Flower Arrangements

Still looking for that perfect gift? Or, have you found yourself a little too busy this holiday season, tied up with work and plans and suddenly scrambling for last minute Christmas presents? No worries—if you have no time to shop or for whatever reason are finding yourself at a standstill for good holiday gift ideas, Christmas flower arrangements are the solution.

The Mini Decorated Christmas Tree

Too adorable and festive to resist, the miniature Christmas tree is a fun gift that family, friends and coworkers will no doubt appreciate. Even sweeter than this baby tree are the little bows, silver, gold and red baubles, tiny wrapped gifts and pinecones that ornament its green boughs and catch the light. It’s a perfect holiday gift and decoration for the office, the kitchen, a hearth companion to your real Christmas tree, or as a holiday dinner table decoration.


Potted Plants And Christmas Gift Baskets

Iconic and classic poinsettia plants for Christmas are beautiful, simple gifts that won’t go unappreciated. They are an easy pick for online flower delivery—just pick, click, and add the address of your lucky recipient! Silver or pewter buckets and more rustic, rural vase alternatives such as wicker baskets make this holiday gift even cheerier and seasonally appropriate.

In the same league with potted plants and flowers, gift baskets are an alternative, fun option to Christmas flower arrangements. Baskets combining champagne, oversized shiny baubles, chocolates, toy bears and savory treats are a tasteful gift that anyone can enjoy. A more decorative option is the “winter bounty” that uses pine boughs, dried fruits, winter cherries and cinnamon sticks around a single burgundy candle. Or, go for concentric layers of monochrome, big blossom red roses around a white tallow candle.


Christmas Flowers…Roses, anyone?

If you are stuck for gifts and want to send a different, extra special kind of message—one full of warmth, love and passion this holiday season—then try a bouquet of fresh-cut Christmas roses. Having your roses sent as a surprise is a sweet add-on. And including a thoughtfully written card is yet another simple way to really make an impact and touch someone’s heart this Christmas.

Perhaps a box of fine chocolate—with a bottle of champagne, or wine to share beside a roaring fire—isn’t a bad idea at all, either!

Most Festive Of Christmas Arrangements

Winter flowers and foliage encapsulate the season. Evoke wintry landscapes, or use red blossoms and green leaf contrasts in Christmas flower arrangements to dazzle friends and family.


Amaryllis flowers, or seasonal arrangements of roses, gerberas daisies and pinecones in a glass vase can present people you care for with just the gift they need.

Red, plump and delicate berries paired with white lilies trumpet their presence throughout a room, in your kitchen or dinning room table, with their fine fragrance and petals flaring outward.

You will be surprised by the impression delivered gift of flowers for Christmas can make! The value of bringing natural beauty into someone’s home is often overlooked. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!


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