The Silent Language of Flowers

Do you want to admit your love to your sweetheart, console a hurting friend or congratulate your colleague on an achievement, but don’t know how to go about it? Do it with our bunch of roses, stems of lilies or a fresh bouquet of carnations.

Everybody may have experienced the power of flowers at some point or the other, but not many are aware that flowers speak a language of their own. Each flower has a significance, which, both—the sender, as well as the receiver should be aware about. With Flowers 24 Hours, you can say it all in this beautiful language of flowers.


Roses for instance, are the most commonly exchanged flowers. Everybody knows that a red rose signifies romantic love. But did you know that one is not supposed to send a yellow rose to someone in mourning? Moreover, white roses are generally associated with purity, chastity and innocence. They are also significant of new beginnings, and thus, are a perfect accompaniment to a bride walking down the aisle.


Lilies are a symbol of fertility, being used as a wedding flower, and also of death, being placed on graves. The flirtatious blooms of Peruvian lilies, for instance, come in a variety of shades, making them a fun choice for many occasions. With the primary meanings of Peruvian lilies being friendship and devotion, these precious flowers are sure express your most playful sentiments. The stargazer lilies, on the other hand, are young, bold, beautiful, and dramatic.The meaning of these fragrant flowers can be one of wealth and prosperity, but their white variety can dress down to genuinely express purity and sympathy.


Carnations are not only found in shades of pale pink and peach, but also red, yellow, white, purple, and even green.

The meanings of carnations include fascination, distinction, and love. Like many other flowers, different messages can also be expressed with the flower’s different color varieties. Light red carnations, for example, are often used to convey admiration, whereas the dark red version expresses deeper sentiments of love and affection. White carnations are associated with purity and luck, and pink carnations are often given as a sign of gratitude.

Mix them up

So why wait? At Flowers 24 Hours, you can get all these and many more variety of flowers to say what you need to. You can also get a bouquet of two or more varieties that can help you convey so much more. For instance, you can mix a few pink roses along with white carnations and a few stems of lilies to give to a special friend as a sign of your feelings along with gratitude for being a part of your life. Or an assorted bouquet of Gerbera daisies can quickly lift the spirit and are an ideal way to brighten someone’s day. Mix these with a few white roses and you have a smiling wife within seconds.

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