Knowing how to say it right with flowers

Most people talk about saying it with flowers, but few are actually aware of what they do say when they hand another person a bouquet.

Including Acacia blossom or Gardenias in a bouquet, for instance, will speak of secret love, while Anemones promise unfading affection. Apple blossom states a preference, while giving an Azalea to someone is asking them to take care of themselves. Baby’s Breath, often included as a so-called filler, promises everlasting love, while Basil conveys best wishes and Bells of Ireland wish the recipient good luck, as will Clover. Burnet and Buttercups are known to speak of merry hearts and cheerfulness, while Aloe speaks of grief.

A man surprising his girlfriend or wife with a bunch of flowers should make sure they are fresh, because giving a bouquet of withered flowers speaks of rejected love, apart from obviously not looking particularly nice. The poor old Cactus, so often mistaken as a symbol of prickliness, actually conveys warmth and endurance, and Camellias show admiration and are regarded as a good luck gift if given to a man.

Carnations have a whole list of things to say, depending on their colour and whether the colour is solid or striped. A solid colour, by the way, says yes – while striped Carnations will say no, especially if they are yellow, which means rejection anyway. A red Carnation, on the other hand, will tell her that his heart aches for her.

Daffodils convey respect, while Fern represents sincerity. Maidenhair Fern again speaks of a secret love, while Forget-me-not speaks of true love and precious memories. Gladioli attest to love at first sight, while Honeysuckle indicates devoted affection, as does Lavender.

Anyone wishing to really say sorry for something should include purple Hyacinth in the bouquet and add some Lily of the Valley to show humility and ask for a return to happiness, while white Hyacinth will tell the recipient that the giver will pray for them. Hydrangea will thank the recipient for being so understanding, while sprigs of white Ivy tendrils will show affection and an anxiety to please.

Someone using flowers to build up to a marriage proposal may choose to add some Myrtle, which speaks of love and is a Hebrew symbol for marriage. Roses are perfect for saying ‘I love you’, although dark crimson and black Roses should be avoided, as they speak of mourning and death.

The list is endless – every flower has a very specific meaning and the next time an individual wishing to give someone flowers, they may wish to inform themselves how to best say it with flowers before giving the wrong message.

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