Keep Your Flowers Going Strong into Fall

Keep Your Flowers Going Strong into Fall

Many people would say that with fall just around the corner, they do not have much work left to do in the garden. They are mistaken — there are still quite a few things left to do in the garden. This is the time of year when flowers like roses, flowering perennials and annual planting beds need a final layer of fertilizer. They will get an extra boost of colour and produce more flowers into the fall season. It is best to use an organic product as it will release the most essential elements into your soil.

This is also the time to get some of the last of your deadheading done in your garden, this will ensure that the blooming period of your fall flowers will be extended. Deadheading will give your plants a reason to produce more blooms. Pincushion flowers and geraniums will bloom once again if they are deadheaded.

Flowers see a lot of damage and disease throughout the summer, so as you are deadheading look out for dry or diseased foliage. By tidying up your flower borders you will make an improvement to your flower beds. Cutting back the leaves of hostas, heucheras, and durable perennials will help them in sprouting new and fresh leaves. With this work done you can finally sit back and enjoy your garden.


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