Kapok Trees are Causing Problems in Taipei, Taiwan

There are many Kapok trees in Taiwan and they are causing problems, especially with the arrival of spring. These trees are planted by the government to encourage tourism, but they cause a lot of irritation for motorists.

Kapok Tree

Kapok trees have large, beautiful flowers that are very similar to lilies. However, nowadays they are causing the battle between modernization and nature.

These trees grow to a height of 60 meters and they tend to start blooming in April. The blossoms are about the size of a human palm and they are very attractive to the eye. But, when their petals fall to the ground, drivers of scooters and pedestrians often slip and fall when crossing over them.

The petals of these flowers stick to windshields, while the pollen and seeds cause problems with respiration long after the flowers have bloomed. There are also complaints about the flowers having a horrible smell after they start decaying.

The Taiwanese government is unsure of what to do about the trees. Maintaining the trees is very difficult, but they do not want to wipe them out altogether. There is a tug of war between those who adore the trees and those who hate them.

Most people are not bothered by the trees and they hold a lot of nostalgic and sentimental value, so they are most likely to remain.

[Via: The China Post]

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