Decorate Your Home in Style this January

Even after the main festivities of December, there is still every opportunity to create a magical winter home this season. With green foliage, colourful flowers and vibrant seasonal fruits in abundance, you can really get creative with your winter look for your home. Whether you want to keep things simple and rustic, or are looking to create impressive centrepieces and décor to impress your guests, we’ve got lots of ideas to suit all styles and tastes for your home decorations this January.

winter flowers flower garland delivery london ukFlowers and Greenery 

Wreaths don’t have to be just for Christmas – a wreath made of greenery such as rosemary, eucalyptus, ivy fir and pine will look simple and elegant alongside white and silver decorations. You can create wreaths by winding your foliage of choice around florist wire which you can buy from florists and craft shops. Add embellishments such as pine cones, twine, ribbons and white flowers if you like. Or you could make mini wreaths to decorate the doors in your house (including cupboard doors) out of rosemary, mistletoe, red berries or even a coil of fairy lights.

White Orchids same day delivery uk january flowers delivery london uk same day delivery london florist orchid plant winter plants deliveryYou might be surprised at the range of colourful flowers available this time of year. A simple bouquet of blooms displayed on a kitchen or coffee table is the perfect way to bring some colour and joy to your home without breaking the bank. Consider tall vases of purple irises, striking amaryllis or roses or choose cute potted plants like cyclamen or kalanchoe for your winter flowers. You can also add winter greenery to your floral displays, and embellish with winter branches (perhaps sprayed silver or with sparkles), and even winter fruits, baubles and ribbons.

Winter Centrepieces

With plenty of parties and occasions to have lunch and dinner with family and friends, a winter centrepiece is the perfect way to create a welcoming table that will impress your guests. Candles make wonderful focal points for table centrepieces, and white or red work especially well for the winter theme. Take a single large white candle and surround with greenery such as pine and fir, add delicate silvery twigs and dot with delicate white flowers like baby’s breath, lily of the valley and roses. You could also add your white candle to a cake stand and use this as a base for your decorations: try piling bright red berries around a single or group of candles, or add fronds of mistletoe or snowberries and add green winter foliage for a fresh and delicate look. Pine cones – either natural or sprayed silver and white – are great additions to a

Amarylis delivery london same day january flowers delivery london uk same day delivery london florist winter flowerswinter centrepiece, as are silver or gold baubles, sprigs of holly, cinnamon sticks and rosehips.

There are also lots of ways to create beautiful centrepieces with flowers. Filling a clear glass vase with bright fruits such as red apples or cranberries and filling with white blooms for contrast will create a real wow-factor for the table. Hydrangeas, roses and white amaryllis are perfect sumptuous white winter flowers to use. Or you could fill a vase with baubles or fake snow. A potted amaryllis decorated with winter foliage and pine cones will make a striking centrepiece, or try adding flower heads and floating candles to a glass bowl for a magical look. Of course, a simple bouquet of lush red roses or white tulips can be just as beautiful as more elaborate pieces, and are lovely have as a decoration to brighten your home this January.

A fruitful time of year

Seasonal fruits aren’t just for eating – they also add colour and richness to your home! Display vibrant pomegranates, clementines (which this time of year you can buy with leaves attached) and apples in bowls in your kitchen. Any painted bowl will look lovely, but a silver bowl would create a luxurious look that could be displayed in entrance halls or as a centrepiece on the table. If you’re displaying bowls of fruit on shelves in your kitchen, add sprigs of cedar or pine for a simple but pretty look. You can also stick cloves into oranges or clementines for a truly fabulous aroma to fill your home.

contemporary orchid january flowers delivery london uk same day delivery london florist winter flower arrangements deliveryCreate more elaborate displays using fruit by arranging with pine cones, baubles and winter greenery like spruce, fir and silvery eucalyptus leaves. You can spray leaves silver or gold to create  luxurious look to your displays. And don’t forget winter berries: splashes of red holly, hawthorn and white beam berries will add a great contrasting look to the greens and whites of your winter displays. Snowberries and mistletoe berries will add dots of white. Remember, these berries aren’t edible for humans – but they do create a pretty look!

Magical Lights

Fairy lights don’t just have to be for the Christmas tree – they create a beautiful light and magical atmosphere all through the winter. String yours into the trees outside or hang over your front door to welcome guests into your home. Or you can hang them above your windows indoors, over picture frames or string around your displays of winter branches. You can buy lots of different shapes and sizes of fairy lights – star shaped ones create an especially pretty look.

white-amaryllis-vase-arrangement-flowers same day delivery london uk january flowers delivery london uk same day delivery london florist winter flower arrangements delivCandles can be displayed in your living room and dining room as well as the table to create a really cosy feel in these cold months. Tea lights can be displayed in small glass vases decorated with twine, ribbon and a pine cone. Or try something different by hollowing out the top of a red apple and adding your tea light to the top. Candle lanterns are also a great decorating idea for any time of year but with their silvery frames and associations with warmth as well as light, these make great additions to your winter décor. And of course you can decorate your lanterns with sprigs of greenery and red berries for a festive look.

So what are you waiting for? Start the new year by creating a stylish look for your home this January.

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