Jade Plant Blooms Unexpectedly

Annie Roe felt quite lucky when her jade plant started flowering this week, as she knew that with the growth of this plant her bank account would also grow.

The Money Tree

This type of jade is called Crassula ovata and is nicknamed “the money tree.”

This flower is a native to South America but is most commonly kept as a houseplant. It is quite a rare occurrence for this plant to flower indoors but when it does, it produces delicate star-shaped pink and white flower.

Ms. Roe said, “They are supposed to be a lucky plant, so maybe it’s even luckier now. It’s been sitting there for years and I’ve never seen a flower on it.”

“I’ve had friends coming over just to touch it and get some luck they have never seen one with flowers either.”

Ms. Roe is going to test whether the legend of, “the money tree” is true by buying a lottery ticket this week. She said, “I might get all my numbers if it’s true.”

[Via: NewsMail, image from FlashZen]

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