It is Time to Plan Your Garden for Spring?

We are now truly getting into the snow-free months, when the mind turns to gardening. People are now getting started on laying out their gardens. Digging up the lawn, dumping out the top soil, and the organic manure. But most people are not really sure of what they want to plant.

daffodilsThe most important points are planting with diversity, growing native species, and knowing what you want from your garden. There are probably a few specific types of flowers that you really love. For example, maybe you would like to have only daffodils in your garden. But this is not a good idea as not all years are the same for daffodils, some are good and some are bad. This depends on many factors from the insects that pollinate them to the weather.

It is never a good idea to have only one plant in your garden. Having many types of flowers allows for your garden to be more stable. If one flower is not having a good year there are others to blossom in their place.

It is also a bad idea to plant flowers that are not native to your area. Not only can they damage your garden, but they can spread to the environment around you and cause serious damage to the environment in the area. There have been cases of foreign flowers spreading throughout North America and causing serious damage to wetlands.

Planning out your garden before spring arrives is an excellent way to ensure that you will have exactly the garden you are wishing for.

[Via: MetroNews]

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