Is this the season for Calla Lilies?

Extravagant simplicity is the best way to describe the look of the calla lily. If you feel that fits your style and taste, then don’t hesitate to use this flower for your next event. With the wide variety of colours available in this flower type, it can be used to decorate not only weddings but office parties, Christmas parties, birthdays and any other important occasion.

Wedding-Bouquets-208REDHowever, most of us are becoming a little bit more environmentally conscious and an important question to ask, when picking a flower for event decor, is will it be in season?

Why is this important? If you choose flowers that are in season, the pricing will definitely better suit your budget. Flowers that are not in season are generally pricier and less readily available. Florists have to go further to get you the flowers that you need. If you buy flowers out of season you are less likely to get the colour and the amount that you would like.

Flowers blooming in their peak season provide a better look and the blooms are more likely to have that beautiful luscious appearance that you desire.

The peak blooming season for calla lilies is from early spring to the middle of summer. Generally, calla lilies are less tolerant of extreme heat. But in areas where the summer is cooler, the lily can bloom twice meaning that you can have ‘in season’ calla lilies right on into autumn.

Wedding Bouquets 043If you really have you heart set on having calla lilies at a winter event, there is no need to worry. Another important fact to know about the calla lily is that it is a very versatile flower and is quite easy to grow. This means, that most greenhouses will be producing this flower during the winter months.

White calla lilies are the most common shade available, which is perfect for a winter event. White will bring across the cool peaceful atmosphere of the season and can be combined with any other colour of your choice.

The burgundy shade of lily is also quite common, so your florist will not have to order the blooms from the other side of the world. This reddish shade is also one you should consider for a winter event, especially if you find white to simple. This deep red shade will bring that added warmth to you event.

Mixing and matching is always an option, try using burgundy and white flowers. The ensemble of shades will make your bouquet or event more festive and will truly bring across the spirit of the season, even the simplest bouquet becomes livelier if you have an interesting combination of colours.

Though it is important to use flowers that are in season, it is even more important to choose a bloom that you love, whether it be for a tiny bouquet or a corporate event. Those who love the calla lily are especially lucky, because it is a flower that is available in season, almost all year round!


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