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March 8th is International Women’s Day – a festival of flower gifts for every woman! This occasion is mainly celebrated in Eastern Europe and China, with a few other countries such as Madagascar, Cuba and Uganda. Beginning as a socialist campaign Day for Women’s Rights
and votes, it has now become a kind of cross between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in many countries.


This is the day when women can expect to get flowers and small gifts from the men they know. It is not limited to love relationships and mothers but can include neighbours, colleagues, aunts and sisters. Red is usually the chosen colour of flowers, which should be presented in a bouquet with an odd number of blooms for luck. Mimosas are popular in Italy and some other areas. In Eastern European countries the favoured flowers are tulips or roses.

The custom is becoming more popular in the UK as people from around the world move freely throughout Europe and holiday further afield. The Russian communities in the UK celebrate here, and it is only natural that women seeing that their colleagues and friends have lovely roses sent to them at their work may want some too.

For all the lovelorn men, young and old, who either failed to find their true love on Valentines Day, or who hope to build on the success of their February gift and strengthen a burgeoning relationship, now is the opportunity. And on this occasion there is no reason to stay anonymous on the card.

Good suggestions for sending on March 8th are: 11 Red Roses; Love in a Box, a single red rose, symbol of love; Perfection, the perfect pink rose bouquet; or Flora, a red and white tulip bouquet.

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