Iced- Floral Artistry

Azuma Makoto finds a way to keep flowers fashionably cool.

When flowers yearn to speak fashionably, it turns to the man of cool Azuma Makoto. A man known for his extreme pieces, his jaw dropping exhibition ‘Ice Flowers’ was no different, calling for momentary silence. Held at a warehouse in Ognose, Japan, the exhibition focused on, observing the changing life of flowers locked in ice.

A gallant statement of nature’s beauty and smart blend of art and nature’s possibilities, the ‘Iced Flowers’ series, depicts flowers in a different light, treating all to unique expressions, not witnessed in everyday life. Azuma Makoto says: ‘Flowers will show unique expressions, when placed under such a different environment.” Makoto invites all to, ‘enjoy how flowers and ice change themselves over time in the ruins far from human existence, an inorganic space that makes a vivid contrast with flowers”.

Azuma explores his fascination with flowers; its beauty, uniqueness and mystic by expressing, the changing faces of iced flowers. Makoto says, “Flowers die so fast compared to humans, and ice cubes melt so quickly, so I thought these two combinations created new scenery that we haven’t ever seen.”

With a total of 24 sculptures, each piece contains 60 flowers; exquisite floral arrangements, whose sturdiness surprisingly, are not owed to preprocessing techniques. Makoto says, “The flowers were alive, not frozen, before being encased in ice, so they got frozen gradually in their living state,” The only, “materials were flowers, plants, and water.”

Makoto delights in the idea of his sculptures melting and wilting over time, joining forces with photographer Shiinoki Shunsuke, to ensure a record of his fab arrangements exist.

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