Why hydrangeas are the most versatile flower in the world

Over recent years hydrangeas have witnessed a huge surge in popularity and it’s easy to see why they’re enjoying such a comeback. Hydrangeas are made up of a multitude of separate, tiny flower heads which gives them a delicate yet seemingly complex look when seen up close, but when viewed from afar it’s impossible to make out the separate flower heads and so they merge into a single, vibrant bloom of voluminous colour. This means that they stand out and are sure to draw the eye due the multitude of colours they can showcase. From pale yellowish green to a beautiful powder blue and everything that comes in between, Hydrangeas offer a veritable rainbow of choice when it comes to colour.

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The sheer colour choice at hand makes them ideal as decoration for a number of occasions and homes. Not only are they a vintage flower of choice for weddings, but also they are particularly well suited to a rustic décor when placed in an old or antique pitcher as opposed to a vase. Do you want to know a secret? There’s a reason for the wide range of colours that Hydrangeas come in, a little trick of nature (or science if you prefer) that causes Hydrangeas to alter their hue, so those gorgeous, deep blue flowers sat on your table may have started life as a vivid, candy pink. It’s all a matter of simple chemistry, so if you’re growing Hydrangeas and want to get a different colour or are simply curious then read on.

So how is this transmutation achieved? It’s due to the pH level of the soil they’re grown in. If they were grown in an acidic soil with a pH of 5.2 to 5.5 then they are likely to turn a deep blue colour, due the aluminium released into the soil by the acidic content, whereas pink Hydrangeas will have been grown in soil with a high alkaline content. So if you find yourself tired of growing pink Hydrangeas then you can use organic mulch such as pine needles, coffee grounds, pine bark, citrus peels, sawdust, or a vegetable peel to alter the pH level of the soil and you’ll soon find yourself growing blue Hydrangeas.


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Having said that there are a few basic rules that even Hydrangeas follow, firstly white Hydrangeas cannot be forced to alter their colour by the grower; some of them may grow pink or red blooms, as they get older. Although you can change their colour it’s rare that you’ll be able to change the intensity of the colour. This is because the intensity of the colour relies on a lot more factors than the basic growing conditions. These include the hereditary of the plant, health of the plant, and living climate. Finally, bear in mind that it’s a lot easier to turn pink Hydrangea blue then vice versa, this is due to the simple reason that it is easier to add aluminium to soil then it is to remove.
Whichever way to look it, hydrangeas changing their colour is a fascinating sight, as it works to make them arguably the most versatile flower in the world.

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