Hydrangeas are Turning a Shade of Pink

There are a few new developments in the world of hydrangeas. These flowers give us lovely and luscious blooms each summer, with this summer being an exception as they are appearing in pink.

Hydrangeas are Turning a Shade of PinkThis flower is usually known for its blue coloured flowers, but this year the pink variety will be grabbing all the attention.

There is a “big leaf,” group of hydrangeas which includes the most typical examples of the flower including; “Pia,” “Alpengluhen,” “Shira,” “Hamburg,” “Masja,” “Forever Pink,” “Princess Beatrix,” and “Venice Raven.” However, they have all taken on the new stunning pink shades.

There is also an entirely new series of flowers called “City Line.” Each type of flower in this group is named after a particular European city – “Paris,” “Berlin,” “Vienna” and “Venice.” This group of flowers varies in tone from fuchsia to bubblegum pink.

These new hybrid versions of the hydrangea are a bit sturdier than their original counterparts.

To help these flowers have the brightest colour, lime needs to be added to their soil several times a year.

[Via: canada.com]

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