How to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

It’s always thrilling to get a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, but everyone has problems with getting them to last long. It doesn’t matter if they are daisies, lilies or roses, there are several things you can do to make them last much longer.

Fresh Cut FlowersRehan yar Khan, flower specialist and CEO of an online flower company says, “Caring for flowers does not require a green thumb, and with minimal attention, anyone can enjoy the lasting pleasures of their thoughtful floral gift.”

The following tips can come in handy for any flower lover. The stems of fresh cut flowers need to be cut with a sharp knife and at an angle. This prevents the formation of air bubbles in the water. Then, the leaves need to be removed, because they store bacteria, this causes wilting. Flowers need to be kept in a clean vase. Metal containers should be avoided, and flower food should be added to lukewarm water. If you don’t have flower food then lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide can serve the same purpose.

Fruit, vegetables and dying flowers in the vicinity of your fresh cut flowers, can cause serious damage. They contain ethylene gas which can ruin your flowers quite quickly. Draughts, heat and sunlight should also be avoided.


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