How to Get the Kids Outside in the Spring

Nowadays, most children prefer to stay inside and play video games rather than play in the fresh spring air. Usually it is the parents who are outside enjoying the warmer weather, and it is very difficult to get children outdoors.

A child in the garden

However, gardening together is a great way to coax them outside, according to experts. This of course depends on the child, their age and personality. It is important to start as early as possible.

There is even a new TV-show that is aimed at getting children to go outside called, “Fifi and the Flowertots.” The main character lives in a small world, and she is a flower who’s name is Fifi, and she and her friends love gardening.

Some expert advice to follow if you want to drag your child outside: it is important to start with easy flowers that are interesting, like annual flowers. The end product is not important — do not expect perfection from a child. Let your child chose what they plant and where they plant it. It is also important to give them their very own part of the garden.

Sunnie Valentine has been planting with her children since they could hold a seed. According to Valentine, “Children are nurturers. They want to help. They want to take care of things.”

[Via: The Salt Lake Tribune]

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